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Services & Support

We can provide support in a number of different ways:

1. Ad-Hoc Troubleshooting
Just call us when you have a problem and we will work with you to solve it in the most effective way.  It might be necessary for us to call at your premises or we may be able to help solve the problem with a remote, internet-based, connection.

We treat these calls with urgency & do our best to respond ASAP.

Our schedule of Fees are based on time, costs and travel requirements and can be found
as part of our Terms & Conditions of Trade

2. Regular Scheduled Maintenance
This is preventative maintenance, at a time that suits you, which can extend the life of your equipment and can show up issues that, if not detected, could develop into serious problems, generally at the most inconvenient time.

3. Onsite Consultation & Installations
We come to you and solve your problems on site. This is required when there are physical problems with your equipment &/or network.

4. Remote Assistance
Sometimes your problems are not hardware but might be the Operating System, Network settings, or Software related issues.  In these cases (with your permission) we are able to login to your computer remotely and troubleshoot without the need to come to your premises.
This means that you get a speedier solution, saving you money & getting your equipment back to work faster.

If required we can include staff training as part of our onsite support.